Why MasaCa?

Three good reasons:

  • First of all, we are most passionate about our enjoyment of the outdoors, and want to share our love of “being out there” with you!

  • Second, we are very good at what we do, from both standpoints of operating tours and of guiding in the outdoors, and are capable of taking you and your groups out and back safely while making great memories!

  • Third, we are more than mere outfitters—we also have a lifetime of experience as educators/translators, so that we are capable of sharing more with you at a deeper level on any tour you choose to make with us!

MasaCa Adventure Tours was started by Masae and Carl Sullivan Sr., who, besides being lifelong wilderness sports experts with dozens of years of experience on the crags, slopes and rivers of Western North America and Japan, are also retired professors of Asian Studies/Japanese/ESL, with decades of experience leading study abroad groups, and are highly recognized Japanese/Korean translators.  Very accomplished in their chosen fields, Masae and Carl chose to enter the adventure travel business not so much to make big profits, but rather from their love for the outdoors and their genuine passion to share it with appreciative folks like you!  With a uniquely extensive academic, multi-cultural background, in addition to their outdoor experience, and together with Hokkaido-based son Takumi, a skilled resort and tour logistics expert, as well as Utah-based son Sully, a highly skilled climbing/skiing/kayaking guide, MasaCa Adventure Tours is uniquely poised to be able to offer groups and individuals the tour of a lifetime within the natural/cultural domains in which they operate.

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